Welcome! My name is Sonia M. David and I am an inclusion specialist—my work focuses uniquely on harnessing the power of imposter syndrome. 

As a Diversity Equity & Inclusion professional, I know just how tempting it can be to aim at "getting it right." But I also know that working to make a difference in this dynamic field can be challenging and even exhausting.

I've learned that the key to inclusion is a strong commitment to shared values within organizations and between individuals.

In my 10+ combined years of academic and professional experience, I've developed the defenseless disruptor model to maximize impact while minimizing burnout.

Please, allow me to help you and your team get centered, keep curious, and make strides toward sustainable inclusion!

Image of Book Cover, "Master Your Disguise: The High-Achievers Three-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Imposter Syndrome"

Learn your specific imposter profile dynamic and receive personalized advice and a fully-loaded downloadable pdf outlining how the 6 dimensions of the impostor phenomenon might influence you.